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Lockheed Australia

Lockheed Martin Australia is an Australian company that is engaged in research, design, development, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. We employ more than 1,050 people with a presence in every mainland state and territory. Lockheed Martin Australia's programs and projects support a further 3,000 Australian industry jobs across the country in advanced manufacturing and high technology industries, providing Australia with a sovereign capability edge.


The JP9711 Project presents an opportunity for Australian industry to participate in an exciting and strategically important program to build and maintain an enduring and regionally superior Australian capability with an opportunity to enter export markets. Lockheed Martin Australia is committed to identifying potential suppliers with the ability to develop, integrate, build, supply and maintain capabilities and elements within Australia. Opportunities for Australian industry will centre on ICT Systems and Services, and Simulation Services.

The project

Joint Project 9711 Phase 1(JP9711-1) will provide the services required to deliver a Core Simulation Capability that will provide critical training support to the future force through a significant upgrade and expansion of its simulation capability. The capability will enable Defence to link live and simulated training together for large scale Joint and Combined collective training and to deliver on-demand distributed mission training to the single services of the ADF and Joint Operations Command.

Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) will deliver the JP9711-1 Core Simulation Capability (CSimC) program supported by NEC Australia and Calytrix Technologies Australia with reach back to Lockheed Martin Corporation.

CIOG is the Delivery agency for Defence Joint Capability projects sponsored by Chief of Joint Capability and JP9711-1 will leverage the Enterprise ICT capability which has been transformed through previous Integrated Technology Projects such as Centralised Processing (CP), Terrestrial Communications (TC) and End User Computing (EUC). The Project will deliver to Joint Operations Control (JOC) as the product sponsor represented by Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre (ADSTC)

Lockheed Martin Australia and our Australian teammates will execute the following in delivering JP9711-1:

  • Developing the ICT infrastructure that will be integrated with Defence's enterprise services to deliver simulation enabled training
  • Ongoing management, maintenance and enhancement of the ICT infrastructure
  • Integration of existing GFE with new toolsets to enhance simulation-enabled training
  • Participating or leading the development of the Releasable Federation (RFed) to ensure that non-U.S. countries participate in simulation-enabled coalition training activities
  • Development of the Simulation-Enabled Collective Training - Information Management System (SeCT-IMS)
  • Conducting V&V of the CSimC to ensure the system achieves Defence standards
  • Conducting test and evaluation of all elements being delivered as part of the CSimC Functional Performance Specification using appropriate Quality Assurance (QA) methodologies
  • Supporting development, execution and post activity reporting of simulation-enabled training events
  • Development of innovative concepts to enhance training outcomes to promote efficiency and reuse to lower cost over time

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Full scope EOI closes on
31 Dec 2024

- Centralised Processing
- Terrestrial Communications
- End User Compute
- Unified Communications

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Full scope EOI closes on
31 Dec 2024

- Simulation Engineers Focused on Gaming
- Cross - Domain Security Expertise
- System Admins with VM Expertise

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Full scope EOI closes on
31 Dec 2024

- Simulation Exerise Planner
- Professional Interactors
- Simulation Systems, Test and Evaluation, Verification and Validation
- Simulation Tools

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